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The Team


Rizwan Saeed

Executive Producer

Rizwan Saeed is the executive producer at BFE and specialises in large-scale, multi-faceted and complex productions. He has produced over 200 TVCs internationally, as well as two feature films. His forte is dealing with top-tier industry talent, hitting deadlines efficiently and keeping costs in check. His experience includes working with the biggest players in the industry including multiple award-winning directors. He combines his formidable management skills with a rich background in post-production, excelling in executing campaigns for prestigious clients.

Nasir Khan


Kicking off his foray into filmmaking from Montreal, Canada, Nasir Khan has directed over a hundred commercials, a feature film, and an award-winning documentary. His keen sense of storytelling and command over the narrative has led to his commercials garnering over a 100 million views online. Nasir’s passion project feature film Bachaana was both a critical and commercial success. His global outlook has allowed him to collaborate, direct and create content internationally.  He strives to weave his vision with the needs and wants of varied clients, agencies and brands, crafting films that leave an imprint on the viewers.

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