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We bring a method to the madness. Our core strength is the inception of ideas, the carving out narratives and crafting them into powerful media experiences. Our commercial work speaks for itself, and over the decades we’ve earned the trust of our clients as their creative collaborators. Even after hundreds of commercials, videos, short and feature films, award-winning documentaries, and digital content videos,  we strive to create arresting content that leaves a lasting impact and starts an engaging conversation between your brand and your audience.

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Creativity is the very essence of what Big Film is about. We understand that big ideas come to life from the tiniest of seeds. And we are here to work with you to plant and nurture those seeds into detailed blueprints for success. From conjuring up project-winning pitches to developing high-concept plans and content strategies, Big Film will guide you through the whole process beginning from scratch, ensuring that your vision is refined and adhered to at every step of the process.

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The pitch presentation is one of the very first “make or break” moments of any idea or campaign. Many great ideas never see the light of day due to pitch presentations missing their mark. We work with you to deliver a pitch presentation with all the bells and whistles such as cinematic mood boards, artful storyboards and compelling copy optimised to the minutest detail and maximised appeal.

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