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An award-winning
Video Production Agency, based in Dubai.

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Big Film Entertainment


Film | Commercials | Digital Content


Big Film Entertainment is a creativity-focused video production agency serving the corporate and public sectors in Dubai and the Middle East region. Our extensive knowledge of commercials, digital, social, and corporate communication enables the crafting of content that is tuned for optimal outcomes for our clients. We are known for combining compelling storytelling with flawless technical execution in our work

Leading Media Production Company in UAE: Your Creative Partner

Big Film Entertainment is a regionally focused video production powerhouse based in Dubai with a global presence and outlook.  We thrive in creative collaboration, offering hands-on partnerships — including concept development, strategic insights, perfecting pitches, and crafting project-winning proposals. We offer services across the globe — from Canada, the Middle East, Turkey, and Asia. During our two decades in the media industry, we’ve earned the trust of the world's top brands.

Production Services: Explore the Best Film Making Company in Dubai

Commercials with top-notch production quality put us on the map, and is something we find joy in. A few seconds is all we need to leave a lasting impact and indulge the senses. Add to that the proven ability to tackle internationally shot television commercials, feature films, episodic content, and digital media production. Big Film offers class-leading video production services and expertise. Our experienced and professional team of producers is known for streamlined workflows, use of the best tools, and the latest tech to deliver excellence.


Digital Videos Production Services for Engaging Content

Everyone is online, everything is connected, and digital is king. Digital media production for social platforms is an extension of our diverse video production skillset. Our content production pipelines have digital content production integrated at every level of the workflow. We seamlessly develop modular content that can be packaged for entirely different styles of broadcast and publishing. Long form content for YouTube and Facebook? No problem. Short, snackable content for Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok? Done. Need compelling influencer-powered UGC (User Generated Content)? We got you covered.


Experience the Magic of Animated Videos

Our uber-talented team of animators, post-production gurus, and skilled CG artists make sure we can bring to life any worlds you can imagine. Big Film’s animation-native production workflows bring commercials, episodic content, and digital media to life. We are hyper-focused on pushing the boundaries of animation and technology to deliver striking visuals, in 3d, 2d and composited media.

Professional Still Photography for
Brand Campaigns

Impactful, meticulous, and striking; our commercial photography encapsulates brand campaigns. At Big Film, we focus on capturing stunning imagery to enhance the product and elevate the brand. Our panel of superbly talented photographers bring decades of experience of iconic shoots to the table. We collaborate very closely with the brands to manifest the desired vision of the brand.

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